Urban Canyon
Studio of Experiment, Instructor: Debora Mesa Molina

Published in Studio of Experiments  2017-2018

“Urban Canyon” is an exploration of redefining the underground space as an new urbanscapes. Subway, as an infrastructure which has an intimate relationship with our daily life, could be more than what it is. As breaking the ground, we expose the hidden masterpiece. There, through the studying of construction methods, sequence, and the technique of refinement, we are empowered by the roughness and fineness of excavation, a series of space composition and programs are introduced to extend the complexity of stereotomics.

The project starts with large scale, re-connecting the main stations with different routes. We re-imagine the pleasure ground within the under-layer of the cities, from the densest points to a single rail. As we are traveling with speed, the lights falls in and out. We can see the people above, experience the extreme feeling when walking beneath the high rises. The layers of ground enriches our senses.

This project is presented with animation, click to view more.

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