Environmental Control System : MEP / BIM Office Project

Site : Soho, NYC , USA

Collaborators: Rong Han, Inyoung Kim, ZhenYu Wang

Instructors: Stuwart Bridgett, Robert Kearns, Benjamin Shepherd

Link to complete MEP document

FLOOR AREA : 18300 sqft

The building locates on the corner location and is covered with glass curtain wall facing to the south. Since there is no control to the environment, it needs a big load of cooling system in the summer and heating in the winter.

To start lowering the load of heating and cooling system, we would like to introduce a second facade with adjustable shading devices can be useful for controlling direct sunlight or glare, temperature control to the interior.This additional facade would also embed a noise proof insulation as well. Also, since this building is in a relatively open area, we can introduce a passive system for wall itself could also be a natural cooler/ heater during the summer and winter.

For other energy efficiency achievement, we cooperate with the design of MEP , dock work, and grey water system into our design. The advantage of our MEP and dock layout could control the electricity use according to the color plan, so the thermal control is more easily to work with the facade design to reach the ideal value. The piping system is another highlight in our design since the grey water recycling system is adapted. The reuse of the water could reduce the need for extra water so as to become a more self-efficient building.


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